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DJI-Phantom 3 Advanced

March 3, 2016 / no comments, on DJI-Phantom 3

DJI-Phantom 3 AdvancedThe DJI-Phantom 3 Advanced is the next level of flying drones from DJI suitable for consumers and business people who are interested in high level photography and cinematography. The DJI-Phantom 3 Advanced comes with the aircraft,  the remote controller, camera stabilization gimbal, built in camera, video downlink unit with 5km range, one intelligent flight battery and four pairs of propellers.

Everything you need to get started is  included in the box along with the quick start instruction booklet. Video demonstrations can be seen here on how to open the box, your first flight and gaining the maximum use from your new DJI-Phantom 3 Advanced aircraft.  There are numerous helpful videos to help you get started. Click here to purchase your new intelligent aircraft now.


  • Weight – 1280 g
  • Maximum speed – 16m/s or 35 miles per hour
  • Flight time – 23 minutes
  • GPS assisted hover
  • Upgraded GPS and controls
  • Control distance – 5 km or 3.1 miles
  • Flight Simulator included for practice
  • Automated flight logs
  • Vision positioning system
  • 2.7k video camera with video editor
  • 12 MP photos
  • Stabilization gimbal over 3 axis
  • Intuitive controls
  • Improved customized commands

The return to home feature on the DJI-Phantom 3 Advanced drone is particularly useful. Just touch the screen to request the drone to return to home using the GPS positioning capabilities of the unit.  If it flies out of range, the control system will automatically return the unit to home. If you have ever lost a drone because it flew out of range, then you will appreciate this feature. No more scouting an area to look for your drone when the batteries finally ran out of power. It comes home all by itself using the advanced GPS system.

Visuals are up to your imagination and what you can do with the phantom 3 advanced drone. The video demonstrates many popular video applications that consumers have used their drones for. Check it out here – Video demonstrations can be seen here Whether it is a birds eye view of a race, the beach or your children’s birthday party, or a special event, the Phantom 3 can capture all of these images for review, editing and creating memories to last a lifetime. With flight speeds up to 35 miles per hour, keeping up with fast moving targets is easily accomplished.

Stable visuals regardless of the speed of the unit and the tilt of the unit are automated for the user which drastically improves the quality of the images and videos. This feature also reduces the amount of editing that you will need to do once you download the images and videos to your editor.

New automated app transmits visuals in 720p providing you with improved control along with better visuals to enhance your experience while flying your aircraft. Better visuals lead to improved images and videos that will require reduced editing as previously mentioned.

Don’t wait Click here to purchase your new intelligent aircraft now. Purchases can be completed online and arrangements made for shipping directly to your home or office. Don’t forget to review the accessories that are available online as well.


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