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DJI – Phantom 4 Drone – Being Creative

March 4, 2016 / no comments, on DJI-Phantom 4

DJI - Phantom 4 Drone - Being CreativeThe DJI Phantom 4 is packed with features that will allow the pilot to focus on the creative side of video and photography instead of concentrating on flying, avoiding obstacles and keeping the target within camera range. This post is all about being creative with the newly released Phantom 4 drone. You can find more information about the Phantom 4 by clicking here.

Drone Festivals

For a video on more about getting creative, click here. There are even drone festivals starting up where drone pilots can submit their videos which in many cases are works of video art. Artists can view videos of other artists and learn about new techniques that will help them enhance their images.

Many people are curious about drones and they start out with a basic level drone before advancing to a aircraft like the Phantom 4 quad copter aerial drone. By learning on a basic level drone they are able to experience the challenges of controlling their drone while trying to capture videos or images.

Features to Support Your Creative Ideas

Technology is part of the artistic equation. It should free you to focus on the artistry that you are creating. This is what the Phantom 4 was designed to do.

For example, GPS control allows the aircraft to maintain position while making adjustments for air currents that may push the aircraft in various directions. Maintaining position automatically allows the operator to focus on getting the image they are looking for.

Another feature that enables creativity is the tap and follow. Just tap the target on your screen and the software will ensure that the aircraft will follow a moving target. Focus on getting the video your after and allow the aircraft to follow the moving target. Follow a bird, a bicyclist, a race car, a group of runners etc. Control your aircraft automatically with the built in software and get amazing pictures! If your ready to purchase the Phantom 4 Drone now, click here.

Another feature that is extremely helpful is the obstacle sensing system. Imagine your focused on following a fast moving animal through the forest. Your above the trees but you did not see that tall one that is looming up ahead of you. Most operators will likely crash into the tree causing damage to the drone. With the Phantom 4 obstacle avoidance system, the drone will automatically sense the obstacle and take action to avoid it, saving you a crashed  aircraft!

There are so many creative topics that can be considered and the drone technology has just opened up a brand new world for artists and even non professionals to create brand new content. To purchase the Phantom 4 Drone, click here. You will not be disappointed. Everything you need to get started is included and you can use your iPhone or iPad touch screen to control your aircraft. Just download the app, open the box and follow the quick start instructions and your ready to go. We suggest watching a few of the videos regarding training and learning to fly your new Phanton 4 aircraft.


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