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Filming Mountain Bike Riding with the DJI Phantom 4

March 4, 2016 / no comments, on DJI-Phantom 4

Filming Mountain Bike Riding with the DJI Phantom 4Can you imagine trying to film a mountain bike rider careening down a mountain, with many twists and turns, a variety of obstacles such as large rocks and trees in the way? Most people would think it was virtually impossible unless you had a flying aircraft drone like the Phantom 4 aircraft. The best way to really show the difficulty and also what the Phantom 4 can do is to watch this video, Click Here. The versatility and the features that this aircraft possesses is amazing. We will discuss some of the intelligent features that enabled this film to be created. Your films and images are only limited by your imagination.  Consumers can take advantage of these features to create the most dramatic and spectacular images and videos. To purchase the Phantom 4 now, Click Here.

DJI Phantom 4 Intelligent Features

As you saw with the mountain bike video, it is a very fast sport with many twists and turns and lots of obstacles to deal with. There are a number of features that enable films like this one to be created which we will discuss in brief.

The first is TapFly. TapFly allows the operator to tap the target on the screen that you want to follow. The Phantom 4 will lock onto this target and follow it even with many twists and turns as in this situation. All of the time it is filming the target and creating a high resolution film to review.

The next feature that is incredibly important is the OSS or Obstacle Avoidance System. Imagine following this mountain biker as he careens down the mountain, around trees, changing direction many times and avoiding large rocks. As a pilot you need to have one eye on the target and the other on the space in front of you. Almost impossible when traveling at such speeds to keep the camera on target. That is where the OSS comes in. It will sense obstacles up to 15 meters in front of it and take evasive action to avoid the obstacle. No crashes during filming this target.

Return to home is another feature that is very useful. Once you have followed this target you have to get your aircraft home. Do you even know where your aircraft is at this point? The intelligent operating system in the Phantom 4 does and with a touch of a button, it will automatically return home to its original starting point.

You may want to have several intelligent batteries at your disposal if you are planning to do a lot of filming. Depending on the conditions you are working in, the battery will last up to 28 minutes. As the battery nears exhaustion, it will automatically alert you before it runs so low that it could not return home. Touch the return home button to bring it back to your starting point.

Here are a couple of more videos that will spark your creative juices, Winter Wilderness, One Step at a Time, Running with the Phantom 4.  To purchase the Phantom 4 now, Click Here.


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